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Кошка и олени

Кошка и олени
Посмотрите, какая чудесная серия фотоснимков.
Вот что пишет их автор:
I was down at Scout Island last night, with one of my all time favorite clients, little miss Sienna…having a wonderful time. Just as we were finishing our shoot, we saw two deer…right near the preschool. We watched for a bit, and then walked to our vehicles. I had already put my camera away…and this little cat came running out - we had met him on the trail earlier…I believe he had been abandoned down there, and was quite wild. He was just sitting there watching us, and suddenly the deer got curious. Anyways, to make a long story short…the smaller of the two deer and the cat ended up getting to know each other quite well…and after about 15 minutes, both the deer were actually nuzzling & licking the cat…who was rubbing up against them! It was SO amazing…and how lucky am I that I just happened to have my camera with me???
Photos by Laureen Carruth

огромное спасибо Леди Авери kavery

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